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A Note About Costs

You may have noticed that costs vary from area to area or practice to practice when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures. It is important to check carefully to be sure you are getting the highest quality and safest of care. For instance, many providers are not certified plastic surgeons, although they advertise themselves as “board certified” by such boards as the “Board of Facial Plastic Surgery” or the “Board of Cosmetic Surgery.” These boards are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. A surgeon may be board certified in another specialty, such as Ear, Nose, and Throat, but that hardly has anything to do with breast augmentation. It is not surprising, then, that an unqualified doctor would offer lower prices.

We use only board certified, MD anesthesiologists. Many clinics use nurses to do anesthesia, so the surgeon is doing both the surgery and supervising the anesthesia. We don’t consider that the safest care.

All the facilities we use for surgery are fully accredited, meaning they’ve been checked out carefully by national authorities. Many clinics are not.

Lower prices often don’t include things such as injection of long-lasting local anesthetics for postoperative pain relief, short term postoperative insurance to cover some costs of complications related to surgery, more expensive implants such as silicone gel instead of saline devices. 

If you are tempted to leave the area to have surgery for cost reasons, call us and present us with the quote. We will see what we can do to keep you in the area in the highest quality, safest environment possible.

Patient Information

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